Patios are constructed with pavers available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. We can also create patios with natural stone, hardscapes, or poured concrete. Nicolock offers faux finishes that resemble natural stone that are cost effective compared to using real stone. The shapes and sizes of patios are custom designed to meet the desire or needs of customers. Contrasting borders are created with different colors, size, or the same size pavers laid in a different direction. Decorative walls are added for seating areas and create a unique transition from the yard. Patterns can also be created, and designs can be added with kits from Nicolock. We have even added custom inlaid logos for businesses to their patios. All patios are set on top of tamped crush and run (CR6) for a solid base.

Above Grade Inc. can turn a dull patio to a breathtaking one with our Delmarva hardscaping ideas and Delmarva hardscape services. We also provide a Delmarva loader service as additional help for our valued clients.

As a Nicolok preferred installer, we stand by our work and quality of the products that we use. Whatever, your hardscaping needs, we stand Above the rest. Call us at (302)542-0944 or send us an email

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