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Above Grade, Inc. is a family owned and operated company that services the Smyrna, DE area. We are a highly skilled and motivated company that offers a wide range of property improvement services. It’s not only our goal to build the highest quality projects, but also to develop trust and relationships that will last far beyond your project completion. We specialize in hardscapes, concrete, and many different types of stonework. A few of the many services we provide include design, installation and repairs for driveways, patios, pool decks, lighting and much more. Browse our website and check out our galleries of many project pictures to see for yourself. Don’t hesitate to email or call us for your free on-site consultation.


Hardscapes and Pavers cover a wide variety of materials and installation techniques. Hardscapes and pavers can be concrete pavers, brick pavers, natural stone pavers and much more. There are two main categories for paver installation: permeable and impermeable. An impermeable paver installation would be your most typical of the paver installations. This simply means that the pavers are sealed together with polymeric sand or grout on a compacted base of either CR6, crushed concrete or concrete slab. This means that no water can penetrate through the pavers, but forcing it to run across the top of the pavers with a properly set pitch (no less the 1/8’’ per foot). A permeable paver system is a different process altogether. The paver base is made using several different aggregates in various depths to allow for drainage. The pavers are designed to have a small seam that is also filled with aggregate allowing 100% drainage through the paver installation. The permeable paver application has become a requirement in certain areas and has seemed to be a necessity in certain Townships that permit a very small amount of impervious coverage. If you are looking for Smyrna Hardscape Patio Builders or someone for Smyrna Paver Patio Installation, please give us a call today to schedule your free on-site consultation.

Fireplace/Fire Pit

Fireplaces and fire pits are the perfect accent to your backyard living area. Whether it’s a large fireplace or a small fire pit they can both add warmth and relaxation to the perfect evening. S’mores aren’t too bad either! Fireplaces or fire pits can also be made using different materials. We install many wood burning and gas paver fire pits. Fire pits can also be made with cinder block and veneer if a more custom style or size is required. Fireplaces can also be built custom using block and veneer as well. These can be made very big and can be built with benches, wood storage, hearths, etc. There are also a number of manufacturers that sell prefab fireplaces that just require assembly and stone application cutting down on labor costs.


There are two types of wall installation: decorative and retaining. The decorative wall installation is your most common residential wall application. These walls can be made from many different types of wall material. Decorative paver wall block is typically used on a compacted base and stacked to the desired height. Once the base wall block has been compacted into the wall base, each row of wall block is adhered together with an all-weather wall block adhesive. There are many colors, sizes and patterns of wall block which helps to match, accent or contrast the existing surroundings. Another option for walls is cinder block on a concrete footing which can also be made in any shape or height. These walls are very strong and can be covered with any kind of natural or manufactured stone with warranties up to 50 years on the stone. These cinder block walls can be used as retaining walls also, but may require engineered building specs depending upon the application. Another good option for retaining walls is engineered wall block. These are manufactured wall blocks that would be placed on a larger wall base and use a pin or groove system to lock the wall blocks together as opposed to the adhesive that is used on decorative walls. These walls would mostly be used in commercial applications and be constructed per an engineer’s spec sheet.


Stonework is a very specialized and tedious art. There are many different varieties of stonework. There is a huge assortment of man-made and natural stone veneer that would be used in vertical stonework applications such as: interior or exterior walls, fireplaces, foundations and columns. These veneers can be many different styles, shapes and sizes. Veneer can be dry stacked (left showing a seam) or grouted (joints completely sealed with cement) and can be adhered to many different surfaces. There are also many types of flat stone that can be used for vertical or horizontal applications. Slates, travertines, bluestones, limestones and many more can be used in horizontal stone applications if you prefer a more natural looking stone over concrete pavers for a patio or walkway. We can also provide various stone options for swimming pools from exterior coping installation to under waterline installation.

As you can see, all of these potential projects have many different materials and building processes to choose from allowing us to meet your desires and budget on your next Smyrna Fire Pit, Hardscape or Patio installation project.. Contact us today so we can design and build the perfect project for you!